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Stapleton, Denver offers so many incredible neighborhoods for you to choose from. We want to help you make your decision. Here is a quick compilation of things to see and know about in the Bluff Lake neighborhood:

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Thrive Home Builders Stapleton Bluff LakeThrive Home Builders are making their mark in Bluff Lake.

Read more by clicking on this article from the Denver Post:

At Stapleton’s Bluff Lake Neighborhood, Thrive lets you sneak a preview of a new model, homes from high $400s


“One of the creative builders that has helped Stapleton stand out as Denver’s fastest-selling new community is Thrive Home Builders — with a warm feel for interior space and super energy performance that has won national awards for four years running. Thrive is a fast seller all over Stapleton — and today they’ll let you sneak a peek inside their newest single-family model in the Bluff Lake neighborhood, close to the University of Colorado/Anschutz medical campus.”

The Bluff Lake neighborhood features eight home builders, each featuring single family homes and townhomes for prices ranging from the 300s to over 450s.


David Weekly is showing up at Beeler Park with four of their own models. Their website about Bluff Lake features a cool video that is worth the two minutes needed to watch it. In case you missed it, click on “cool video” to watch.

Nature is close to home, as it is in all of the great Stapleton neighborhoods.

The Bluff Lake Nature Center features a ton of great programs for the summer to keep your kids entertained and on the path of learning. Bluff Lake is home to hundreds of species of birds and mammals. Imagine spotting a beaver, coyote, raccoon, or red ear slider during a weekend nature walk!

Bluff Lake Nature Center


Not convinced to take a look at Bluff Lake yet? Then read this great blog post by our friend Joe Phillips in which he states his 10 reasons to love the Bluff Lake Neighborhood. We also love the Stanley Marketplace. Here’s what Joe said about it:

“The Stanley Marketplace is just a 5-minute walk from Bluff Lake via bike or car.  This marketplace, which is under construction now, will provide all the ‘mom and pop’ local shops you could possibly want.  With 7 restaurants, yoga, a fitness center, a massage parlor, a barber, an event center, a coffee shop, a wine shop and more, this will be the place you’ll want to take your friends and family when they come to visit!  Here is an update on the progress of Stanley Marketplace and their tenants.

There is a lot to see in all the great neighborhoods around Denver.

And we are here to help. This article is brought to you by Lending Maven Mortgage. Want to see more of what’s going on in Stapleton? Check out our Beeler Park blog.


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