Belly Bliss – Denver’s premier center for pregnancy and motherhood is coming to Stanley Marketplace

 In Stanley Market Place

Here is another unique and local business coming to the Stanley Marketplace. I had the chance to interview Lauren Williams, the owner of Belly Bliss. She has quite a resume and a real passion for what she does. I looked at the Belly Bliss website to get a better understanding of who Lauren is and I found out quite a lot! Belly Bliss is a fulfillment of her long-held dream to provide a place for parents to find the resources, education and holistic services as they travel into and through parenthood. She said that fitness has been an important aspect of her life since I was a child.

Here is another entrepreneur who knew what she wanted from an early age. She goes on to say,

“I knew at an early age I wanted to bring exercise into the lives of others in a way that was fun, fresh and fulfilling. As I developed my knowledge of the human body, its physiology, anatomy and kinesiology, I had the opportunity to work with several women who were having children and discovered what a magical time this was for them physically and emotionally. Knowing I wanted to continue to work with women preparing for pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and into motherhood, I began to educate myself in every way possible about the changes of women’s bodies and the growth of their babies.”

I asked Lauren what drew her to be a part of the Stanley Marketplace?

“We have been looking for a location in Stapleton for 5 years! Nothing felt just right or the timing was bad.  The first time I visited the Stanley I knew it would be a fit, wonderful locally owned businesses, the owners of the project are great and the space and location is perfect.  We just love the community there.”

I asked if Lauren was a native of Colorado and turns out she is!

“Yes, I grew up in Fort Collins. I spent some time in New York after high school and went to college at UCSD but came back in my early 20’s to help manage my family’s restaurant.”

She said she loves the people in Stapleton and that they are, “…laid back and fun!” Nice.

So, when will this location open?

We are hoping the beginning of the new year.  I know the project has been delayed however, those managing the project have been amazing!  They truly have their tenant’s best interests as a priority and this is why there have been some delays.  It doesn’t bother me because it is just so refreshing to be working with such honest people who are doing things right!

This place offers so much that I couldn’t possibly list everything here. I encourage you to check out the website and the huge menu of offerings there. I had to choose a few teasers. Read on!

How about some yoga for mom and baby? This is an excellent class for busy mothers, allowing moms to enjoy Yoga, introduce their baby to the practice and promote mother and baby bonding. yogaThis Yoga class for mom is focused on her post-partum body and includes poses that are interactive with baby. They promise you will get some yoga done in this class.

You can enjoy some much-needed mommy time with the Play and Explore Drop Off for ages three to five. This class is specifically designed for each developmental age, stage, and phase of your child. Children will participate in structured activities through yoga, movement, sensory play, and music. Each class will include actives specific to each age group’s motor development, emotional stage, and social development.

No drum set at home? Good choice. Your one to five-year old can enjoy music play time. This drop-in is a fun, creative music playtime weekly. We will dance, jam and explore music of all kinds together.



Children of all ages enhance both gross and fine motor skills through musical play.

Children will learn basic music themes such as rhythm and tone, and will explore their favorite themes and stories.

After looking at all of this great stuff at Belly Bliss, I had to ask Lauren if there is anything specific she wants her future customers to know?

“We love feedback!  This will be a new venture for us so please reach out with wishes,

needs and ways we can do better. 

We are always growing to meet the needs of our families so we need to know what those needs are.”

Since you are going to look at the website anyway, may I suggest their informative blogs as well. How about this little article? Kick off Potty Training by… Making Muffins?  “Yes, you read that correctly. I often encourage clients to incorporate baking muffins with their little one into their potty training plan as they begin the potty training process. How are these two things related? Let me explain.” Hey, my kids are done with that, but I had to read it anyway. Where was this great advice when I needed it?

Stanley Marketplace is going to be the home of many fun, unique and local businesses. Each one of them has their own story and they will impact the community in different ways. Keep checking back as we feature these local enterprises. These interviews and information is being brought to you by Lending Maven Mortgage another proud Stapleton business.

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